Different Doings

Daily life pics from September 2009

Declan’s been dying to get a pogo stick for a long time. We finally went in on it with him and bought one at the local toystore in town. He got the hang of it really quickly! Not to be outdone, Quinn appears in the shot as well, holding up her new little kitty cat doll.

It was the final baseball game of the season, and Quinn had her eye on the prize — “real life Dora!” Here she is, running to catch up with her.

Mission accomplished! A hug from Dora!

Meanwhile, Declan and his buddy reacted excitedly to the action on the field.

……How does your garden grow?

Making Rice Krispie treats with Emmy, Olin, and LB.

Playdate pancakes for lunch.

Caution — marshmallow construction site

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