Don’t Fence Me In

Declan did some fencing for the first time at his buddy’s fencing birthday party (he’s the one in the blue pants with the stripe). After some basic instruction, they got to spar with each other. Declan seemed interested and engaged, but something wasn’t clicking the way it usually does when he tries something athletic. I noticed everyone was using their right hands (no one asked who was righty/lefty), and it occurred to me that this could be an extra challenge to D who is left-handed. When I asked whether lefties were able to use their dominant hand or it it were simply a “righty” type of sport (the way musical instruments are usually just played a certain way), the instructors switched D’s gear immediately and he was off and running, re-learning the skills and he did great. I wish I’d thought to ask earlier, but oh, well. Live and learn.

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